Sirinat National Park



Sirinat National Park is one of the most visited places by tourists, which is located in the northern part of Phuket. The area of ​​this park is about 8 thousand hectares, most of them are trees and plants. Парке The park has 3 beaches: Mai Khao, Nai Yang and Nai Thon. Casuarins grow along the coastlines, and in high season, you can see newborn turtles on Mai Khao Beach. 🙈 ⠀
The park has an amazing Mai Khao Temple, which undoubtedly will appeal to lovers of ancient architecture. You can also be offered a tour of the park, you should agree if this is your first time in this place.

Sirinat National Park consists of approximately 76 percent of the water and about 24 percent of the land. Tha Chatchai Beach, Sai Kaew Beach, Mai Khao Beach, which runs from the north to Nai Yang Beach to the south. The total length is about 13 kilometers.

There is also a short sandy beach in the national park. Between the head of a cliff. It is caused by the accumulation of sand as a result of erosion of stone rocks by waves and currents along the coast, including Nai Ton Beach, Nai Ton Noi Beach, and the beach in Hin Kone Bay.

Most wild animals in the Sirinat National Park are small animals such as chipmunks and gophers. Also found: red striped squirrel, white-tailed squirrels, gulls, red hawks, domestic magpies, white-necked birds, green-tailed wagtail, orange winged chameleon, red lizards, iguana, home gecko, green snake, flower toad, etc.

In the office area of ​​Klong Lang National Park there is a freshwater swamp, with many species of fish and animals such as catfish, white carp, sea shells, sea snails, leech, etc.

Marine animals living in areas of sand and coral reefs include turtles, grass crabs, sea cicadas, red perch, yellow perch, spotted fish, grouper, mullet, stingray, puffer fish, sea bass, moray eel, winged lion, spotted fish, fish – eight-strip butterfly, angel fish, cartoon fish, orange and white staghorn coral, coral reef, mushroom coral, soft coral, marine carpet and sea anemone, etc.

Sea cicada, common name is mole crab or sand crab. This is the same group of animals as shrimp. The oval shape of the Female is 2 times larger than the males living in the sand on the seashore. Cicadas feed on plankton. On the beach of Mai Khao, there are 2 species of cicada, (Mole Asactyla) – a large, rare and ordinary cicada (Emerita emeritus).

The main tourist attractions of the park:

  • Katha Island is the area where the sea floods this island. At low tide you can reach the beach. There is a quiet place to relax on a picnic. (Location coordinates – 8.030567, 98.282234)
  • Glitter Island – there are many stones in the middle of the sea. There are beautiful fish and corals. Good place for diving. (Location coordinates – 8.032455, 98.258953)
  • Nai Thon Beach
  • Layan Beach
  • Nai Yang Beach
  • Mai Khao Beach
  • Sai Keo Beach