What things do not need to take to Phuket

Often we take unnecessary things with us on a trip, forgetting something very important. There are many shops in Phuket where you can find everything you need for a good vacation.

Of course, documents and money, several sets of interchangeable clothes, shoes – everyone needs to travel, but here are things that are best left at home and then bought, if there is such a need:
🌟Sunscreen. It can be found both in ordinary stores and in pharmacies. The sun in Phuket is aggressive, it is better to protect your skin.
🌟 Umbrella. In almost all stores you can always buy an umbrella and there is no guarantee that it will be useful to you, for example, in the high season. In 7-Eleven you will definitely find an umbrella and raincoats.
🌟 Jewelery and jewelry. Agree, when swimming in the sea you do not want to lose something valuable, so it is better to leave most of the jewelry at home.
🌟Winter clothes and warm jackets. It is worth taking a light jacket with you for travel in transport, but no more. Warm clothes on a tropical vacation will not come in handy!
🌟 Electronic cigarettes and more. There is a ban on this in Thailand, for this they can be fined and even imprisoned.

We wish you a great stay! 😌💙